Vintage Cedar Chest and 2 Antique Dome Top Steamer Trunks for sale in Lake Pleasant

Cedar Chest

46"x19"x19" outside dimensions excluding handles. Removable/sliding tray inside. Mechanically solid except about 2" of one back leg is missing. Easily fixed or just use a 2x4 block. The top has light scratches but could easily be refinished. Makes a perfect combination seat and storage chest for blankets, sweaters, etc.

Antique Dome Top Cedar Chests

I only have pictures of this one right now but I have another different, larger, and heavier one as well.

17"x30"x20" dome top trunk. Very solid. Surprisingly lightweight. Obviously built to last and withstand rough handling. Hinge good. One latch is good although very rusty, one has a broken loop but it does move. Locking latch is intact but I have not dared to actually snap it shut. Metal banding around edges has some rust but is solid. It looks OK unrestored but I think with some work it could look very good. Can't find any markings to indicate age or maker. I will consider reasonable offers. These things are going for $750~$1500 on Etsy.

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